Treat Yo Self

  Yesterday, I treated myself. Why? Because the day started out trying to walk down a hill but the road is made out of banana peels kind of bad. (I'm picturing that image as a cartoon now and I can't stop laughing). Some highlights of my day include: Waking up to read a stress-inducing... Continue Reading →


How to Handle Criticism Like a Champ

Criticism comes from every area of life and from every person you know. Whether it's from a teacher, parent, friend, sibling, or a stranger, getting criticized can hit you hard if you don't know how to handle it. As a dancer, I've dealt with constructive criticism my whole life. When you're in class, your teacher... Continue Reading →

Meditate Meditate Meditate

Meditation does a lot more than just calm you down. Here is a brief list of some of the amazing benefits of meditation: Decreases stress, depression, and anxiety Boosts positivity Increases self-control over your emotions Increases focus and attention Improves memory It's crazy how so many benefits can arise from simply sitting, breathing, and clearing... Continue Reading →

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